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Thanks for taking a look at our website, you will find that we provide more welding services than any other welding shops in Denver CO. We are dedicated to providing high quality services so if there is anything you have questions about do not hesitate to reach out to us!

"Custom welding services always come with a high cost, for a good reason. Even though Welding Denver fabricated a professional, custom welding piece for me, the price was more than affordable. " - Shane Michael

Services Provided By Welding Denver

Our steel fabricators have experience with a variety of different welding processes, and using them on a myriad of different projects. When you need “welding services near me,” you can count on Welding Denver to always provide high quality welding services. There is not a welding or fabricating job that our professional welders cannot handle, and they will provide top notch work for any of them.

Mobile Welding Services

Many times coming by the shop is not possible. When you need the widest array of mobile welding Denver has to offer, then this is the shop for you. Our welders are trained and certified on all welding processes so whatever the job is, they can handle it. Our trucks are equipped with all of the necessary welders and gear to ensure they are able to get the job done right. When you need “mobile welders near me,” look no further than welding Denver!

Residential Welding

Not all welding projects require big time commercial contracts or industrial manufacturing weld repairs. There are plenty of instances at residential homes where welding services are required. Many aspects of the home are safer if handled by professionals, that is why many of our welders have had residential experience and know exactly how to handle house calls. Or maybe you are just in the market for the largest smoker on the block and want it custom built into your back patio, we can do that too.

Welding Repair

Many of our projects involve in shop welding repair. Our welders have experience welding with many different types of metals so there is not a repair they can't handle. Bring your equipment by the shop and we will provide an affordable repair. If you need repairs out in the field that is no problem for us, we have state of the art welding rigs equipped with all the necessary tools for any type of repair.

Metal Fabrication

When people need “metal fabrication near me,” they call Welding Denver. We have fabricated hundreds of blueprinted designs and even custom designs. Our welders have a knack for creativity and are able to turn piles of metal into pieces of art. Our shop is always dedicated to quality, so even the most challenging designs are easily accomplished by our staff. Many of our projects involve handrail fabrication, where every environment we fabricate in constantly challenges our team, they are never deterred and always provide quality work.

Commercial Welding

We have some of the best welding contractors Denver CO has to offer. Our welding contractors have worked with general contractors all over the state of Colorado and have plenty of experience working with rules and regulations. Many of our welders have AWS certifications so quality is never a concern at our shop.

About Welding Denver CO

We are not like any other welding companies in Denver CO. Our Denver welding team is always dedicated to maintaining high quality welding and fabrication. While we always maintain paying attention to the details, we also always do our best to provide exemplary customer service. We are diligent to always answer phones and provide prompt responses when being contacted through email or our online submittal tool. Our customers really appreciate our commitment to excellence and continue to support us because of it. Since our inception we have worked under a few basic principles that we believe have helped us become the successful welding shop we are today. Below are a few of the company values we instill on every job:

  1. Always provide prompt and courteous service. High quality welding skills only take you so far, we want to separate ourselves from all other welding companies in Colorado by always providing exemplary customer service as well. We ensure that every customer is well aware of the services being provided and the associated costs. We never want a customer to feel left in the dark or questioning any aspect of the job.

  1. Highest quality welding services. We want the best welder Denver has to offer for every single job, and our shop is home to many of them. Right in line with customer service, the quality of your service should never be questionable. We will never cut corners on any job and always ensure our welders have proper equipment to perform the job appropriately.

Our welding shop has a mission to ensure no customer leaves unhappy. We are the best at what we do because of our dedication to the customer and making sure that our standards always meet or go above and beyond their expectations. When you need quality “welders near me,” give Welding Denver a call for a free estimate.


Why Choose Our Metal Fabrication Denver CO?

Our custom metal fabrication Denver CO shop has been providing welding services to the community for many years now, and we are thankful for the resounding support we have received. Many of our customers keep coming back because of our top notch welding quality and consistent communication. Our welders are proficient in many welding processes which allows us to accept any job that comes through the door. Where other welding shops in Denver may not have the capabilities to provide, our welders step up to the plate every time. A few of the welders they are proficient with include:

  • TIG Welder (Tungsten Inert Gas) - an extremely clean and difficult welding process TIG is an excellent tool for those jobs that require a lot of finesse and fine tuned welds.
  • Stick Welder - Briefly mentioned in our website, this process is where welding began. The most robust and resistant to elements, stick is the perfect tool for hard to reach places and extreme climates.
  • MIG Welder (Metal Inert Gas) - The swiss army knife of welders, MIG can be used for nearly every type of welding job. Often called “wire feed” welding, it is the primary welder used in most shops for its innate versatility and speed.
  • Spot Welder - Primarily used in industrial automation facilities such as car manufactures, the spot welder is a fast and easy tool for sheet metal welding. “Pinching” the pieces of sheet metal together, our welders can quickly make welds in a fraction of the time.
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When people from our community need “welding companies near me,” they love coming to our shop because we always stick to our schedule and can provide a wealth of knowledge for anything having to do with welding and fabrication. If you want to have the welding expertise from Welding Denver, reach out to us through one of our channels for a free estimate! We can be contacted via phone, email, stop by the shop, or submit a question using our online submission tool.

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What To Expect From Our Denver Metal Fabrication Shop

When you need a Denver welder you can count on, you call Welding Denver. Our steel fabricators are well versed in every welding process so no matter what the job is you can always expect the highest quality. We have always maintained high quality standards in our shop because we believe that is how business should be done. When people ask for “welding near me,” people can confidently promote our name. We also like to keep things simple for you, the customer. No fancy contracts or convoluted nomenclature to try and confuse you. We have an easy process from start to finish and you can expect it to go similar to the following:

  1. You submit your drawings or a written narrative explaining the work you require. This can be done through email, phone, stopping by the shop, or our easy to use online submission form.
  2. We delve through your drawings or narrative and decide the best course of action for your project and promptly respond with a detailed quote for your parts and labor.
  3. If there is anything you need to omit or amend we will work with you to find the best option.
  4. Once accepted, our professional welders get to work!
  5. The welder then fabricates or repairs your product in the shop. If you took advantage of our mobile welding services, the welder preps the welding site and cleans any of the intended welding areas.
  6. Once the job or product is complete, our team inspects to ensure dimensional accuracy to the drawing specifications. You will have time to inspect the weld job for imperfections and we will be happy to fix it until it is right.
  7. You leave a happy customer!

We have tried to make the process as seamless as possible and provide viable communication throughout the entire transaction. We want the customer to feel like they truly understand the services they are receiving and at the end of the project they walk away feeling like they received the best possible care.

About Denver CO

Denver Colorado, known as the “mile high city” for being approximately 5,280 feet above sea level is also the most populated city in Colorado with an estimated 730,000 residents. With only 154 square miles of land Denver has also landed itself in the top 20 most populated cities in the United States. During the mid 19th century land prospectors from the Kansas territory began searching out for expansion. Denver (founded as Denvery City) overlooked much of the Kansas territory land and provided access to existing trails and was across from the South Platte River. This allowed prominent trading and mining for locals and those traveling through the Kansas territory.

The mile high city has many attractions for family or adult fun. There are several attractions downtown that are family friendly like the Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver Art Museum, and of course the world famous Denver Zoo. if you plan your trip accordingly, you might catch a show at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, but do not fret, because it still has miles and miles of beautiful scenery to hike through. As large as Denver is, there are still many desirable locations surrounding Denver like:

  • Aurora, CO
  • Lakewood, CO
  • Thornton, CO
  • Arvada, CO
  • Westminster, CO
  • Centennial, CO
  • Boulder, CO
  • Littleton, CO
  • Many other surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

What does a welder do?

A welder has many objectives for their job. They need to be able to make precise cuts and grinds to prep the intended weld material. They also have to pay attention to metal warpage as they weld the materials together. There is a lot that goes into welding, more than just fusing two pieces of metal together.

What welder is best for auto body?

Either a spot welder or a MIG welder is the most ideal for auto body due to most of the pieces being sheet metal. Sheet metal is very difficult to work with because of how easy it is to blow holes through the thin metal. We recommend bringing these types of jobs into our shop to let professionals handle the work.

Do I need official drawings for my welding services?

The great thing about our welders is their creative minds. We are more than capable of working off a detailed written narrative of the work you require.

" I have not talked with many fabrication shops but these guys really knew what they were talking about. They helped me through the whole process and were open about many aspects of the job."

- Luke Johnson

" Being in the construction industry I have seen my fair share of welds. I can confidently say that Welding Denver has some of the best welding skills I have seen, For a high quality job do not go anywhere else. "

- Brandon C.

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When residents of Denver CO ask their neighbor, “are there any good welding shops near me?” You can confidently tell them Welding Denver has the expertise, knowledge, and customer service to handle any welding job you throw their way. We strive to provide more welding services than any other welding companies in Denver, while maintaining high quality work.

We understand your wallet and your schedule are always important, so we strive to provide affordable services in a timely manner. If you want to know what it is like to receive high quality welding services from one of our professional metal fabricators, give us a call today for a free estimate or stop by the shop to talk about all things welding and fabrication!

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